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Want a website but need some help turning your idea into a reality? You've come the right place. Cathode Design Ltd. is a fully Irish owned web development company. We don't just hand over code and let you figure the rest out for yourself, we maintain your idea even after completion.

What we offer



We can design your idea from start to finish. Whether you have an idea of what you want your user interface to look like or you need our help, we can accomodate all scenarios.


We use tried and tested web technologies to build our projects, with particular emphasis on performance and security.



Once your project is complete, we maintain your web server, domain, SSL and email - so you don't have to worry about it.

Web-server Hosting

We provision and configure your web server for you, so you don't need to worry about how much RAM or disk space is needed.

Domain Registration

We will register your desired domain and ensure it is configured correctly. We'll also handle any sub-domains and renewals.

SSL Encryption

Google Chrome has started to mark all sites without an SSL certificate as "Not Secure", we ensure your site is always protected with SSL.

Private E-mail

Want an email like We can purchase and configure any number of inboxes for you.

Constant Updates

We strive to make the entire experience as smooth as possible. We will organise regular touch points to discuss progress.

Personal Touch

If you'd prefer to meet face to face to discuss any aspects of your project, we can accomodate that accordingly.

Fully Equipped Websites

Websites that are tailored exactly to how you want them. We develop fully custom solutions from the ground up to suit your needs. No frills, no buzzwords, just exactly what you need.

Mobile First

Did you know that 52% of web traffic in Q2 2018 was from mobile devices? We develop your ideas with the mobile experience first and foremost ensuring a seamless experience no matter what device.


We integrate analytics solutions into each and every one of our websites, so that we and more importantly you, can see how your site is performing and how users browse the content.

Web Applications

Are you a business that needs an internal solution but don't have your own dedicated development team? We have 4 years experience in building fully custom, large enterprise web applications.

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